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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are You Called The Chocolate Box Store?

Within the Black Community we lovingly refer to the beautiful variety in our skin shades as different types of chocolate. And the name reflects and respects that.

It is a celebration of us all.

Who Are We?

We are a family run, Black Owned Business. Our Chief Chocolatier is an industry expert with over 20 years experience in product formulation and development. She personally selects the brands and products to make sure that they are premium, luxurious and performance driven. Having run her own award winning hair and beauty salon for 12 years, she has had the pleasure of working alongside a number of Premium Black Owned Brands and this new project is her way of contributing to and supporting the Black Community within the industry that she loves.

How Do You Select The Products?

The first thing we do is make sure that the business is Black Owned. Next, our Chief Chocolatier, who is a cosmetic scientist, product formulator and developer, has to approve the selection, as we want to ensure that the products get results. We also look at the packaging and other elements so that your experience is one of luxury from start to finish. We love to talk to the brands and develop good working relationships with them, making sure that they are as passionate as we are when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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