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It's a new season!

It’s time to Spring Clean your beauty shelf.

As you may have noticed these days, the air is warmer, (Well, maybe not in the last few days as the heavens seem to be quite weepy!) the sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and even the flowers are blooming; these remarkable changes are synonymous with a popular season of the year - Springtime! Out with the Old, In with the New…….

Spring represents new beginnings and a rebirth; little wonder, it is the only time of the year dedicated to the deep cleansing routine that signifies renewal and a fresh start. Enter:- Spring Cleaning. During Spring cleaning, it is common for us to declutter our clothing and personal space for new things to come in. But should it stop at that? No, not at all. Our personal care habits require some changes, too. The seasonal changes in spring; the higher intensity of the sun and humidity can affect the appearance and texture of our skin. The change in temperature means that we need to do away with our old regimen (for skin and hair) that was ideal for the colder weather and embrace something new that is exceptional for the warmer temperatures. Below are our top picks for skin care and hair care this season. Spring-friendly beauty rituals.

Face: Increase in humidity and temperature in Spring calls for a routine that will keep your skin hydrated and glowing as the temperature goes up. Morning Routine Glo’Up Oat Silk Cleanser is your perfect cleanser for the warm weather. It fends off free radicals and nourishes your skin. Narloa Rose Water toner is the answer to your thirsty and tired skin on warmer days. We love that it hydrates your skin while relieving itchiness and balancing the pH. Freya and Bailey Surge Advanced Protect Moisturizer + SPF 30: is your ultimate solution to sun damage. It prevents the darkening of the skin after sun exposure while combating the visible signs of premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles). It doubles as a tinted moisturizer, too! Night-time Routine Nighttime calls for a more intensive and potent regiment that targets concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and oiliness that are worsened by hotter seasons. Nighttime is when our skin cells repair and regenerate while we sleep and the products listed below are just excellent to assist the process.

Narloa Aloe and Lemon Face Wash lemon gently aid in the even in out of discoloration while aloe Vera and glycerin lock moisture within your skin cells. Bonus points because this cleanser does not strip the skin.

Freya & Bailey: Lit! Decongest Face Toner with Rose & Vitamin C: wakes you up to bright, happy skin this Spring. Rose and Vitamin C extracts offer a double dose of nourishment. Your reward? Luminous and plump skin

Epara Brightening Night Balm contains Plankton extract which supports your skin to ward off dark spots, uneven skin tone, and discoloration. A super combo of argan and almond oil repairs your skin while you sleep.

Body: Each product in our collection of body care products is a hit for spring. The body oils and balms are loaded with ingredients that supply nutrients to the skin and soothe irritation while improving flakiness, dryness, and itchiness.


Umthi Beauty: Handmade Restorative Shampoo gently cleanses and restores your hair while calming your itchy scalp.

Umthi Beauty: Handmade Restorative Conditioner rejuvenates and strengthens hair follicles for

healthy growth. A.B.V Organics Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub decongests buildup, grime, oil, pollutants, etc from your hair while boosting blood flow. Nylah maximum moisture hair spray boosts the hydration of hair follicles, softens hair strands, and stops hair breakage. Nylah Super Seed Oil is a supercharged oil that prevents hair thinning, traps water within your hair follicles and prevents water loss from your strands. All image credits: Google Images

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Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


Definitely time to spring clean my beauty cupboards- some great product ideas!

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